Our SmartKine® platform offers compelling advantages over other cytokine-based therapeutics:

Avoid “cytokine sink”

Cytokine molecules have short half-lives in vivo due to “cytokine sink.” Our SmartKine® platform employs proprietary masking and holistic engineering of the various components of the prodrug molecule to avoid the “cytokine sink,” enabling extended PK and greater therapeutic exposure.

Selective immune cell activation

Our proprietary technology enables selective activation of one or more subsets of immune cells preferentially at the targeted disease site. The SmartKine® platform is disease-site-selective, enabling delivery of a cytokine molecule to a specific site via a tumor-targeting antibody.

Truly bi-functional molecules

The SmartKine® platform can effectively match cytokine activity with that of the targeting antibody. This enables truly bi-functional, antibody-cytokine fusion molecules rather than the antibody simply functioning as a carrier.

Reduced systemic toxicity

The short half-lives of conventional cytokine prodrugs often require repeat or continued dosing, increasing systemic toxicity. SmartKine®’s sustained pharmacokinetics (PK) allows dosing strategies that effectively stimulate immune response, while reducing toxicity.

SmartKine® prodrug candidate ASKG315 (ASKG215ß) has shown sustained PK over 7 to 15 days in animal models.