Science & Technology

To fully harness the therapeutic potentials of cytokine molecules, AskGene created a novel cytokine prodrug platform (SmartKine®). Through our proprietary masking technologies, AskGene’s cytokine prodrugs are able to avoid the “PK sink” at a systemic level and be activated preferentially at a disease site. By avoiding the "PK sink", the SmartKine® platform offers several significant advantages:

1) Extended half-lives in vivo.

2) Targeted delivery to a disease site such as a tumor.

3) Selective activation of a subset or subsets of immune cells preferentially at the disease site.

4) Activity matched with that of the targeting antibody, resulted in truly bifunctional antibody-cytokine fusion molecule.

While cytokine prodrugs often require protease cleavage for their activation, AskGene has also established a proprietary technology that allows activation of selected cytokine prodrugs in a protease cleavage-independent manner.